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Turning 26

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This year I celebrated my 26th birthday. It’s kind of weird to think that I’m now on the “downward slope” towards turning 30. I still think of myself as a teenager a lot of times, and I’m surprised when I hear teenagers calling me “old.” I’m just not ready to admit that I’m not technically a youth anymore! I feel like I have so much life in me, although just a few minutes of running after my boys quickly reveals that I’m not as young and agile as I feel. Oh well.

My best friend, Becca, and I both have very close birthdays, and so does her husband, Trey. My birthday falls on the 24th of February, Becca’s is on the 26th, and Trey’s is on the 27th. Trey wanted to throw a surprise party for Becca this year, so we did! She and I try to get together monthly for a coffee date to catch up on life, and just spend some quality time together-just the two of us. It’s great that the baristas at the coffee shop we always go to are starting to recognize us. I’m sure if I consistently got the same drink then they would have them fixed before we walked through the door, but I’m always changing it up. Makes life interesting. After our coffee, we drove around for a while before heading back to my house. When we pulled up, Becca said, “What’s going on?!” It was great to get a surprise over on her, although it was hard keeping the secret from her!


We boiled crawfish, and visited with friends and family as the kiddos ran around and played. It was such a beautiful day, too! I’m convinced that the key to a joyful life is Jesus, and the key to a happy life is friends. Here’s to many more birthday bashes with great friends!