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The Significance Of Firsts

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Our firsts. There’s a lot of significance about “firsts”. Your first tooth. Your first step. Your first word. Your first day of school. Your first big game. Your first crush. Your first heartache. Your first loss. Your first child. Your first job. Your first car. Ok, so you get the picture. We are BIG about our firsts and we tell people about them. We brag about them, show them off, write about them, take pictures, make movies. We remember those firsts, some with sweet smiles, some with sadness. But nevertheless, our firsts make huge and LASTING impressions on us.

I’ve been reading through from the beginning of the Old Testament and I realize that God was big on firsts before I ever was. Not just big, but HUGE! The first sin committed by man; their eyes were opened and they knew they were naked. Later, the Bible tells us that God made clothes for them to cover them, meaning he had to kill an animal to make clothes. The first sin required the first sacrifice of blood to cover up the nakedness. There’s also the time God asked Abraham to sacrifice his first son, Isaac. No big deal, except Abraham waited 100 years for his wife Sarah to have him while in the meantime they tried to help God’s plan along by their own means. Then there’s the time in Exodus where God kills ALL of the firstborn in Egypt because Israel was enslaved by them, and to God, Israel was His firstborn. God freed them from the bonds of slavery and then required Israel to consecrate all of the firstborn males from then on and to offer the firstborn of the animals. We see very early on with Cain and Able that God was more satisfied with the offering of Able’s FIRSTS than with Cain’s sacrifice of good intention. There’s story after story of sacrifice of firsts to God, but the most important is the sacrifice of God’s FIRST and only SON for us. Jesus was the ultimate first, freely giving His life on a cross, shedding His blood so I wouldn’t have to, living a perfect life that I never could. Sin requires blood to clear it, and Jesus IS the blood that takes away all sin. The ultimate sacrifice.

I posted a thought on Facebook a few weeks ago and it plays over and over in my head almost daily. How pleasing it must be to God when we sacrifice our firsts to Him; not for anything we can get out of it or anything we think we deserve, but because our love for Him is great. No obligation, but free choice. A living sacrifice of our firsts.