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The Pursuit Of Knowledge

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Ever notice how often your knowledge of something, someone, completely changes how you feel? I mean, of course right? The more I know about you, your character, the more my perception of you will be changed and shaped. To better explain where this is going, I’ll give you an example.

When I was little, my dad would do a little magic show for my brother and I. We would beg him often throughout the year to pull all the stuff out and perform the whole routine for us. There were two tricks in particular I LOVED and never could figure out:

1. He had three balls and three cups, but ended up with four balls by the end of the trick, so where did the fourth come from?

2. The three rings that he could pull apart and put together, but we never could do either!

For years my dad would do these and every time, I would watch with the same enthusiasm and wonder. Well, I grew up and joined my family’s clowning ministry. Part of our routine was performing tricks and wouldn’t you know that those two tricks I loved so much now became part of my routine. But with knowledge goes the mystery and the mystery is what fueled the passion. Now, when I see those tricks performed, they mean nothing. I know how it works; I know the mystery; no longer is my attention captured.

Often times we find ourselves in this position with God. We have questions that need answers and so we comb the pages of the Bible until we find our answer, but that’s where it ends. We spend so much time trying to learn who God is, how He came to be, what’s going to happen in the future, and so on, that we lose our passion. Our pursuit of knowledge leaves our pursuit of love in the dust. John records these words in Revelation: I know your hard work and perseverance. I know you don’t tolerate wicked men, that you’ve tested those claiming to be apostles and found them false. You’ve persevered and endured hardships for my name and haven’t grown weary. Yet I have this against you: you have forsaken your first love.

If our pursuit for knowledge begins to kill our love for God, then it’s best to stop pursuing knowledge altogether. There are things man will never know about God. John goes on to say that the church needs to go back to doing the things they did at first. Go back to that child-like wonder you had at first; return to the time where you were completed engrossed in the mystery of who God is, and cherish that mystery. Return to your first love.