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Preparing For Baby #3

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The last week has been an extremely productive one around our home. As my due date quickly approaches, there are many things that we have been getting in order for the arrival of our sweet little boy. Last weekend, we made a 3 hour grocery trip [yep, our older boys were not fans, and I don’t blame them!] to stock up on items, and get food for me to make freezer meals. I’ve been chopping and dicing away all week! I can honestly say that I have never, in my life, browned 15 pounds of ground beef, or chopped up 18 chicken breasts, all at once. It has been quite a fun, and exhausting task!

After 5 days of working on meals, we now have a freezer full of ready-to-heat meals waiting for us. It ended up being so much food that I actually got a small deep freezer out of it! =) We ended up with just over 20 casserole type meals, 15 crock-pot ready meals, and Lance killed a nice size buck last week that filled up the remaining room in our freezer! I couldn’t be more excited to know that I wont have to do much cooking for a month or two! The only thing left on my radar is to make breakfast burritos so freeze. I’m hoping I can tackle that today since were in for rain, rain, rain!

On a slightly different note, I’ve been trying to spend as much time holding, loving, and playing with Elijah and Asher because I know that my attention is going to be mainly on baby brother once he is here. It’s rained for about 3 days straight now, and is pretty chilly out, so we’ve been cooped up inside. Yesterday, we had a nice little “picnic” at lunch time in the boys’ bedroom. We sat on the floor together and ate, and then had some yummy mini-cookies for dessert! We’ve also spent many days and nights running up and down the hallway with some of their new big trucks they got for Christmas. And when they both decide to hop in a clothes basket together, I’ll push them around the house in it, which they LOVE!

So that’s pretty much how it’s been around our home. Soaking up some sweet baby lovings, and preparing to welcome another baby in! We are so tremendously blessed and looking forward to what 2015 has in store for us!