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One Little Word 2015

Yesterday, I briefly shared how 2014 has been such a blur for me. Whenever someone would ask how I, or my family, was doing, I would so often respond with, “Great, just busy!” I seriously cannot count the number of times that those three words came out of my mouth this past year, and the sad thing is, it was always true. My focus for 2015 is to say those words a LOT less!

My One Little Word that I’m choosing to focus on for 2015 is “rest”. In Matthew 11:28, Jesus beckons all who are weary and heavy laden to come to him, and he promises to give them rest. This verse tells me that the one place I can always run to as a refuge, as a place of rest, is straight into the arms of my Jesus. Rest physically, rest emotionally, rest mentally, rest spiritually-it can all be found under the shelter of His loving arms. I also realize that in addition to running to Jesus, and renewing myself in His presence daily, I also need to learn to say, “No,” a little more. Confession: I am a people-pleaser. My whole life I have always sought the approval of people, and if I knew someone had a problem with me, I would go out of my way to try to make them like me, or accept me. I can literally still recall specific people from elementary school all the way through high school, and even into my “adult years” that did not like me for one reason or another. I am learning that my approval, my worth, my value, is not in the opinion’s of others, but rather in what my God thinks of me. With that being said, I haven’t come near to perfecting this “only what God thinks matters” attitude, and still often find myself looking for the approval of those around me. That’s why I have a hard time saying no to anyone who asks me to do something.

I made a list on my phone the other day of all of the responsibilities I have individually, starting with my role as a wife, which is the most important task I have. My list was longer that I realized it would be, and than I would like it to be. I find that so often I will quickly tell someone YES to a task, and then, I find myself stressing over it because it was a decision I made hastily without seeking God on FIRST. Lysa TerKeurst wrote a book titled The Best Yes. In it, she explains how if we continue to say yes to everything were asked to do, then the things that matter the most on this earth [our family, for example] will continually get shorted. They will get a less-than-best version of me because I am too stressed about the one million and one things that I’ve agreed to do all because I want to make everyone happy.

With that being said, I want to only give my BEST yes to those things that GOD says I should do. I want to care more about what He thinks of me, and the way I do the things He places on me, than what people around me think. I want to be more present in the lives of my children, not spread so thin that they rarely get any good one-on-one time with their momma. I want to take time daily to run into the presence of Jesus to find my rest from the work of my day, and the demands of life. I choose to let Jesus be the one who renews me daily, and strengthens me to take on the tasks that He’s called me to do.

So what is your One Little Word for 2015 going to be? Leave a comment and share it!

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  1. David

    One thing I learned long ago Denae is that “time lost can never be regained”. You are so right, don’t worry about pleasing everyone. My priorities are God, family, country, and then others. Spend time with God and family and the rest will fall in place. If not, its just not a big deal……