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A New Perspective

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Art is all about perspective. You and I could be looking at the same exact painting, standing just inches apart and we would see two completely different things, feel two totally different messages. A lot has to do with who we are, our personalities and the approach we take to analyze things.

In photography, the way at which you approach the subject and the perspective from which you capture them has everything to do with what the end result will be. You can take a picture of someone walking a dog in the park, straight on, and make a nice image, but turn the camera slightly to the side, squat down and shoot up at them and now your image has dimension and a completely new angle to viewing the subject.

The same applies to situations we go through in life. When you are right on top of the subject, looking at it straight-on, you will miss the detail and beauty of what you’re facing. It’s impossible to see the bigger picture when you’re standing in the middle of the problem. Yes, their is beauty up close and details you can’t necessarily see from far away, but up close you can’t possibly see the entirety of what you’re facing.

Life gets this way for me, probably more often than I care to admit. I’m very much a “details person”, but I often miss the bigger picture, something more important, because I’m so focused on the little minute stuff right in front of me. Sometimes there is no end in sight to the situation I’m facing, and then God shows me to take a step back. Or take a huge leap back. He shows me to turn my head a little to the side and squat down, refocus on the situation, and voila! There is a solution or an outcome I didn’t even see possible just moments before.

So today, tomorrow, next week or next year, whenever you are faced with a situation where there is just no light at the end of your tunnel, relax! Take a step back or just completely run in the opposite direction for a little while and then turn around to look at the situation again. Shuffle to the side, squat down, climb a ladder, or whatever you need to do to see it completely differently. I guarantee there will be a message there that you didn’t feel before and an answer that you didn’t know existed. Above all, trust God. After all, He is the artist to this amazing picture of life! =)