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A Few New Items

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Calley and I have decided to take The Handmaid Workshop on the road! We’re doing our first few trunk shows in a few weeks. For those who don’t know what a trunk show is, we will take all of the things that we make and actually go to people’s homes and set up. They invite their friends and we have a grand ole time together! We’re both very excited about this!

Calley makes all of the scarves in our shop while I make all of the hand-stamped jewelry. We both really enjoy what we do. I can say that my favorite thing to make is custom orders, things that people think of that they want stamped, and then I get to make it. Most of the time, they tell me a little back-story to the jewelry/keychain they’re getting made, and boy, that is such a cool thing to know! Some of the stories are happy, some are mushy with love, and some bring tears to my eyes because they’re in remembrance of a loved one who is no longer here. Whatever the story, I’m so grateful to those who share them with me and entrust me enough to make that special piece for them!

I also make some items that anyone can buy. They’re not specific to one certain person, and anyone can enjoy them! I am really on a bracelet kick lately… I guess because I rarely wear bracelets, mainly because it’s difficult for me to find one that I really love, so making them gives me that freedom to come up with all sorts of different things! Here are a few of the items I’ve made lately and will show at our trunk shows:

This is a cool wrap bracelet made with glass beads… I love the color combination on this one!

airglow bracelet dream


This bracelet was actually inspired by a bracelet I saw on Anthropologie’s website. They have some really great stuff on there, but it’s also very expensive if you don’t catch it on sale! I made this variation and was so pleased with the results!Anthropologie bracelet

I’m a big fan of pearls lately so this bracelet was one that I made for a more classic look.

Copper Pearl

This one is probably my favorite of all of the bracelets so far. I actually wear a set like this a lot. It’s a denim and lace set and it looks great with a casual outfit, or a dressy outfit! And to make it even better, my husband just bought me some adorable denim Bobs with white polka dots that really pull a casual look together with these bracelets. {yes… I sometimes match my shoes and accessories… =) }

Denim Lace Fabric

This bracelet took a long time to make and turned out so great in the end! It’s a chainmaille type style with crystals woven throughout it. My husband was so mesmerized by this bracelet when I showed it to him.

Elf Weave Teal Red

Ok, so not all of us live in Tiger Country, but for those of us who do, this cute purple and gold cuff bracelet is a hit! It’s made with glass beads and looks great dressed up or down! I am still debating on if I want to add some sort of hand-stamped tag to it, or leave it as is…

LSU Cuff

And another one for the great LSU fans out there… a fabric bracelet set with a paw print hand stamped tag. I really wanted to add LSU on there somewhere, but I’m not exactly sure how copyright laws would affect it, so for the simplicity of it, I just used an adorable paw print stamp. Plus, most people who live here automatically know that purple and gold together can only mean one thing!

LSU Gold

Another fabric bracelet set. I call this one OCEAN because it reminds me so much of the colors of the oceans and reefs that we swam around in the Bahamas… breathtaking!

Ocean Fabric

This is another wrap style bracelet… I’ve actually considered keeping this on for myself, but I have nothing to wear it with. This is my all time favorite color combination though!

Sea Foam Wire Heart

And this is in my top 5 favorites! I call this one SPRING TIME because the colors are so vibrant and bold. It’s also a fabric bracelet set and I love the hand stamped tags that can be customized to go on it. They’re great little reminders =)

Spring Fabric Bracelets

So there you have it! I’m so ready to show off these items! Currently all of the proceeds I make are going towards a mission trip that Lance and I are taking this summer. We’ll be going to Iquitos, Peru to work with a missionary there. He and his family currently work to bring men and boys off of the streets, taking them out of prostitution, drugs, and all other sorts of things, and they put them in a Safehouse where they’re shown the love of God. They’re currently building a house for women and children called The Jessica House, named for a lady that they pulled off the streets, and who really captured their hearts. They have the same mission for these women as they do the men. There’s a mighty work going on there, and I’m excited to be a part of it!

If you’re interested in seeing more of the items that we have for sale, and also viewing the scarves that the Calley is selling to raise money for their adoption, you can see them here at our etsy shop!

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