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My Favorite Online Deal Site

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Anybody love to shop?! I am a tried and true online shopper. I will comb through websites for hours finding the best deals, and I never get tired of doing it. I LOVE treasure hunts, so online shopping is like the biggest treasure hunt I can do, and it’s from the comfort of my PJs and couch.


In addition to loving online shopping, I also love to save money. Anyone else with me on that one? We budget out our paychecks each month, and try to stick to a pretty tight plan of where we want our money to go, and how we want to spend it. Because of our budgeting system, I don’t ever go completely crazy just spending oodles and oodles of money on shiny objects, but when I do spend money, I like to know I’m getting the best offer possible!


Rarely do I buy from a site where I don’t use some kind of discount code. The discount may be as little as 5% off, but that’s still saving me a few cents to a few dollars on whatever I’m purchasing. It’s been several years back now when I discovered the site RetailMeNot. This is now my go-to site for discount codes, cash back offers, and deals. If it’s not on RetailMeNot, then a discount most likely does not exist for that company. Here’s what RMN has to say about their company:


                         RetailMeNot is the ultimate savings destination, connecting millions of consumers to the retailers, brands and

                         restaurants they love—both online and in-store. With a presence in North America, the United Kingdom and

                         France, we help drive engagement and sales for more than 70,000 brands internationally.


RetailMeNot offers both in-store, and online offers so the next time that you have some shopping to do consider giving RetailMeNot a quick check to see if you can save some money. You may be surprised at what you’re able to get discounts on, and your bank account will definitely thank you for the savings!

[This post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by RetailMeNot and is not intended to sell you anything.]


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