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Remember my post about my only birthday request from my hubby was to run a 5k? Well, when we ran it, I couldn’t even run the whole thing. We had to stop around a mile and a half so I could walk. Ran a little more, then walked again. That was exactly 2 months ago.

Well today I’m thrilled to say that I can run a whole 5k without stopping now. (That’s 3.1 miles in case you were wondering what a 5k was.) Not only that, I can just about run 4 miles without stopping. Both 4 mile runs that I’ve done this past week, I took a short 30 second break after mile 2 to stretch my calves, but that’s it!


We won’t discuss my pace much… because it’s pretty slow, but honestly, I don’t care! I’m more concerned with how far I can run at this point because I know my pace will steadily pick up. How do I know? Because it already has. My average has increased by about a minute and my “comfortable” running pace is about 45 seconds faster than what it used to be.

It’s a huge achievement for me to be doing this! I still can’t believe that I’ve waited until after having two children to start running. I don’t understand what it was that made me hate running so much in high school and college when I would attempt to be a runner, but now I love it! Does it still hurt? Well, yeah. It’s tough, too. It’s tougher when I run with the boys, but I love that even more than running by myself! They’re entertaining for sure.


Most of the time, I turn on praise and worship music because it helps take my mind off of what’s going on physically. There’s a favorite song of mine that says, “I just wanna go where I’m only breathing your air. Father, hear my prayer. Take me there, take me there, take me there.” It’s one of my favorite songs to turn on when I’m having a hard time breathing (usually at the end of my run when I’m picking my pace up). Such a motivator!

And the verse that says, “Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us…” {Hebrews 12:1} • yeah, that one! It really helps me see the parallel to running the spiritual race that we’re in as Christians. It’s tough. Jesus didn’t promise all sunny days when we came to him. He didn’t promise that life would be a stroll in the park. He actually said, “You will be hated by everyone for following me…” {Matthew 10:22}. But he DID promise that He would always be with us, and he would never leave us. So even though it’s tough… and there are LOTS of times I want to stop running -physically and spiritually- I know the reward is SO much greater at the finish line, so I press on toward the goal to win the prize of the calling of Jesus Christ. {Phil. 3:14}.

Keep going.

Don’t stop running.