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Making Our Dreams & Goals Come True

Welcome to the final post in this series of Dreams & Goals! In case you’ve missed the posts from earlier this week, then I’ll give you a quick recap. We talked about the difference between dreams and goals on Tuesday. Wednesday, we discussed how to define our dreams so that we could turn them into goals. Thursday was about setting SMART goals, and that brings us to today. You can do a full catch-up by reading Monday’s introduction post here.


Alrighty! Who is ready to work on a plan to make those SMART goals from yesterday come true?! Let’s do this! Grab your list that you made yesterday with your goals. I hope that you had a chance to make SMART goals for your TOP 5 dreams. If not, take some time this weekend to turn those top 5 dreams into goals, and then come up with a plan to reach them.


The goal I’m working with is: Take a family of 5 to vacation at Disney World for 4 nights and 5 days on $5,000 by July 2019. [This was taken from my SMART goal I made yesterday and then shortened to make one very specific statement that tells me exactly what I need to do.] For this goal, I really just need to figure out how much money I need to save per month/week/day for the time I have left until my goal date.


There are 16 months, 15 days until July 2019 is here so that’s the amount of time I have to save/earn money for this trip. Let’s say I’m starting with a $0 balance so I need to get ALL of the money by then. Here is what I would do: $5,000 divided by 16 months means saving $312.50 a month. When we divide that by 4 weeks, we get $78.13 a week to save. This gives me a really good frame of reference for the MINIMUM amount I need to save weekly and monthly to meet my goal deadlines. Now that I have my numbers, I just go to my budget and start working it all out and seeing how to make this work.

  • 16 months until July 2019 to save $5,000
  • $312.50 a month for 16 months
  • $78.13 a week for 64 weeks


Depending on your goals, you may have a plan that looks totally different than this. For instance, if a career is the goal you want to achieve then you would need to check into what kind of training/schooling is required to work in that field. Then, you would need to figure up how much it’s going to cost you to get that education, and how long it will take for you to complete it. Some other things I would look at is what your potential income will be once you start working, and locations that you could use your education in. Another goal may be an overseas vacation so you’d need to check into passports and their cost/time requirements to get one, customs requirements if you’re planning to bring things in/out of the country, airfare, etc. Maybe your goal includes wanting to retire out of a traditional 9-5 job and stay home or work from home. You’d need to figure out what your income needs to be in order for this to work. I would work up a monthly income, weekly income, and even a daily income just so I have a good idea of what needs to happen. Something that would be helpful if you’re planning on doing this is to come up with a good budgeting system you can follow to help you stay disciplined and live within your means.


I hope all of that is helpful. I’ve really enjoyed this blog series and working it with you. There are so many different resources you can look into for setting goals, but I hope that this has been a good start for you. I’d love to hear from you if you’ve been following along so please feel free to email me at denaehula@denaehula.com and let me know what your favorite thing from this week has been.


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