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Louisiana Snow Day

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We were blessed this year with a rare winter event for Louisiana: snow! And not just once, but twice! [And there are rumors of snow again next week?!] The last time I remember a GOOD snow like this in Louisiana was in 2010… and before that was in 1993. Sure, we had days where it would snow, but it rarely sticks around here. We let Elijah play in the snow and he was less than entertained. He actually disliked it more than he enjoyed it. I guess it’s the age he’s at. We didn’t let Asher have any fun in it… I mean, really, what business does a 3 month old have in snow!?



We had to go out Tuesday night to get some milk so that Elijah would have something to go to bed with. The roads were worse than I expected. Thankfully I have a husband who knows how to drive and he got us there and back safely.1 2


Just because Elijah hated the snow didn’t mean that the dogs did.  They had a BLAST running and playing. Cold weather gets them excited anyway, but then add on some fluffy white stuff for them to run through and they’re in a state of sheer zeal! Sebastian is our little chihuahua and Kaddie is our lab.3 4

Ok, so I did get a picture of him smiling and running, but truth be told, he was smiling because he was chasing the dogs.5

My mom came in for the weekend because Lance and I had a conference to go to. She kept the boys for us so that we could focus on the event. She had some fun blowing snow for Elijah to watch.6

The only one missing in this family picture is Asher… because he was snuggled under some blankies in his swing, sleeping soundly!7 8

Let me just tell you that Elijah is head-over-heels in love with his daddy! He loves me, and we have a blast all day together, but as soon as Lance walks through the door in the evening, that’s all Elijah cares about. It’s adorable!!9