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Lance’s Grandparents

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I’ll never forget how nervous I was 8 years ago when I had to meet Lance’s grandparents for the first time. I wondered if they would like me, if they would approve of me dating their grandson, who was like a son to them. All of that anxiousness was swept away the moment I met them. They were so loving and accepting of me from our first introduction.There were many days when I would be at their house while Lance was at work, and we talked like we had known each other our whole lives. Some of my favorite memories are of Mamaw fixing us both a cup of coffee, and then sitting in the living room to chat. I love her stories. She tells me SO many, usually about people I’ve never met, but I just smile and nod along with her. My favorite stories are the ones she shares of my mother-in-law, Kitty. I never had an opportunity to meet her, but I know she was a wonderful woman. It’s hard for Mamaw to talk about her without tearing up, but those times she does, she always does it with a big smile on her face. I’m honored that Mamaw has let go of some of Moma Kitty’s things to pass on to me and Lance; each item makes me feel like I know her. That’s not to say that Mamaw doesn’t have some hilarious stories to tell, too, but she tends to ere on the side of sentiment more than humor. Every time you ask Mamaw how she’s feeling, she will always respond with, “Not too good,” yet she continues to cook for her and Papaw, clean around the house, run errands, and take them to their doctor’s appointments. She doesn’t want anyone to help her, although, she protests less and less now when people do help out around the house.

Papaw, well he’s a trip. He’s got such a sense of humor. His stories are always light hearted and keep you laughing until you cry, and he never gets tired of retelling them. I love when Lance gets tickled over Papaw’s stories; sometimes he’ll ask Papaw to tell one just so he can crack up. Papaw has had a rough go the last 4 years, yet he is still here, and still going! He loves to ride our boys around on his “cart,” but those trips are becoming fewer nowadays. He has tomato plants that he is growing, and I feel like he would have more veggies if he had the space.

And our boys, well, to say they adore this Mamaw and Papaw is an understatement. I love that they enjoy spending time with them, and don’t just see it as boring to go across the street to visit. They get so excited when I tell them we need to go see Mamaw and Papaw, practically knocking me down to get out the door first. It breaks my heart that Mamaw and Papaw are getting older, and that you can see them slowing down, but I rejoice in knowing that they know Christ and will spend eternity with him! I’m so thankful for them, for the family that I married in to, and the Mamaw and Papaw that I’ve come to love so dearly!