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Kentucky: The Nash’s Camo Wedding

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About six weeks ago, my cousin from Kentucky called to ask if I would be a bridesmaid in her wedding. I was so excited over the honor of celebrating her wedding day with her, and could hardly wait.

We flew into Kentucky on Thursday, and worked on an itinerary for the next two days.Friday morning found us at the nail salon bright and early. We were pampered with manis and pedis, enjoyed fruit and juice during our time there, and LOTS of laughs. I laughed more this weekend than I think I have this past year combined. But that’s what happens when you get a bunch of crazy family together.


After leaving the salon, we went on a hunt for some shoes for me to wear in the wedding. Thankfully, I found a pair at the first place we went to, because, the Lord did not wire this gal for shopping! We  grabbed a quick bite at a pizza place, and then headed up to the church to decorate for the wedding, and prepare for the rehearsal.

I’m still not entirely sure how it happened, but I ended up helping to decorate the stage for the wedding. Once again, another thing God did NOT wire me with is a keen eye for decorating. Bless those who stayed to help, and thank you to those who did! After a couple of hours, lots of back and forth, and some fine-tuning, we had the stage set for the perfect little country sunflower and camo wedding!


The rehearsal was fast and smooth, which meant we were off to dinner earlier than expected! And dinner was delicious! We went to Sal’s Steakhouse. I ordered their filet medallions with a bernaise sauce and crab meat, topped with asparagus. Oh. My. Stars. PERFECTION! Since everyone else had their spouse or significant other with them except me and one other bridesmaid, I took the opportunity to get to know her better. Her name is Shelby and she was a cousin of the groom. We mainly snapped the whole dinner and had way too much fun posting stuff to our story. If you had to see my snapchat story from Friday, I apologize for the overload.

My daddy and me. IMG_3385

My cousins and me


Sami, the beautiful bride


No shame in my selfie game! I had to keep the hubs updated on what was going on!


My cousin, Mackenzie, and me – I was a tad chilly while they were all sweating!


Saturday = WEDDING DAY! I got ready at the hotel and then met everyone at church. Phew, weddings have so many layers and elements, and it’s so easy to get overwhelmed in the details. After too many pictures to count, pinning boutineres on the groomsmen, running last minute checks on details, and telling the bride so many times just how beautiful she was [while fighting back tears], it was almost go time! We took a moment just before leaving the dressing room to pray over Sami and the new chapter she was about to begin in her life. Hands down, this was my favorite moment of the day. 12976990_10156774742880517_4241404492096762063_o

The ceremony was perfect for Sami and Jake. It was so light hearted, had lots of laughter in it, and all around smiles as joy just radiated off of the bride and groom. I couldn’t have imagined a more-perfect wedding for the two of them. I am still so honored to have been able to stand beside her [well more behind her] on her special day! Congratulations, again, Sami and Jake!


Aunt Nesy and me – I enjoyed getting to spend so much time with her this weekend!


Sami made an absolutely stunning bride


Chelsea, my other cousin that I didn’t get a picture with from the rehearsal




The bridal party: Chelsea, Mackenzie, me, Shelby, and Lily with Sami



2 Responses

  1. Deniae

    Oh how I loved reading this!! I love you so much!! Wish we lived closer!

  2. Shari

    Denae – thanks are not enough for all you did while you were here. You brought my vision to fruition with the decorating. Your love spills out to others and makes all of us better people. Thank you again for honoring us by being in the wedding and visiting with us. Love you so much!