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Iquitos Trip: A Ride Down The Amazon River

Wednesday afternoon proved to be an adventurous one. We, along with a lot of the men from the Safehouse, took a trip down the Amazon River, making a few stops along the way. We saw some dolphins swimming in the river! That was cool!

Day 6 AmazonOur first stop was quite a fun one: Monkey Island. We got off the boat and were immediately greeted by a friendly little monkey. As we walked up the steps to the little building, there were many more monkeys waiting to jump all over us and eat the fruit we brought. They would jump on you, crawl all over you, swing from your arm to another one, or to someone else, jump on your head… you name it! When we sat down, they started pulling on my hair, which was rather unpleasant, and some of them even nibbled on my arm! Day 6  Becca Monkeys2Day 6 Lance MonkeysDay 6 MonkeysDay 6 Lance Monkeys2Day 6 More MonkeysDay 6 Monkeys3There was also a “zoo” type of area in the back of Monkey Island. Ok, not really a zoo, but I don’t know how else to describe it. We saw sloths, toucans, parrots, turtles, anacondas… yeah!

Day 6 Ellie SlothDay 6 ToucanDay 6 AnacondaThen we were off again to our next stop! It was another very beautiful place! There were more parrots, piranhas, crocodiles, and giant man-sized fish! Oh, and even a cow!

Day 6 Amazon2Day 6 IslandDay 6 ParrotsDay 6 Man FishDay 6 Parrots2

We left this place to head to our lunch spot. [All of the pictures from this stop are on Lance’s phone so I’ll have to add them when I get them off his phone!] We had a traditional lunch of rice, chicken, egg, and olive cooked inside a banana leaf. [I can’t remember what they call this!] It was so tasty! After we ate, we watched some of the natives do a dance, and then we got to shoot a blow gun. After that, it was time for fishing! Well, at least a few people went fishing… I, along with some others, fell asleep! Oh, Lance caught a fish though! That excitement woke me up for a moment!

Once we left there, we finished up our trip with a stop at a sandbar to go swimming and play soccer. The Amazon water was cool and refreshing, and reminded me of the muddy lakes we have here in Louisiana!

Day 6 SwimmingDay 6 Swimming2Day 6 Swimming3We had a blast just taking it easy on the Amazon. It was cool to see something I had learned about in history books, and actually getting to swim in it was just icing on the cake!

Day 6 Becca Day 6 Chelsey Day 6 GasDay 6 My Sweetie

We ended our Wednesday, our last day of our Iquitos trip, with a family night hangout at a soccer field with the Safehouse men and Jessica House women. It was such a lovely night! I had a blast watching the guys play soccer, and chatting with those who didn’t want to play. It was so sad to say goodbye to them all. Once again, I’m praying I’ll be able to return one day!

Day 6 soccer with safehouse