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Iquitos Trip: Jesus Loves The Little Children, ALL The Children of the World!

Tuesday started off early with our group heading to a special needs school. I was very nervous about this outing because I didn’t know what to expect. I was expecting bad. In my mind, it would be a very run-down facility, one that doesn’t get any kind of funding so the children there are basically just being babysat; I was expecting teachers/caregivers that didn’t really care and were only there so they could make money to put food on their own tables. I had very low expectations for what we were walking in to… and the moment we walked through the gate, I was so relieved to see the complete opposite!

Day 5 School 3The school was SO nice. There was beautiful landscaping everywhere, the buildings were clean and well kept, the paint looked fresh and was very pretty, and there were happy, smiling, LOVING teachers/caregivers every time I turned around! The children all seemed very comfortable there. I was so impressed! I later found out that it was one of the best schools in Iquitos, and it definitely showed!

Day 5 School2 We went into an auditorium and the whole school came in! Lance and I were clowns again here, although we didn’t do as much entertaining here as we did at the orphanage. It gave me a chance to walk around and really love and hug on some children! I loved doing that! There were some children at the school that we had met the night before at the orphanage. That gave me hope that the children in the orphanage do get to see more than just the walls of the orphanage. We got to hear some of the children showcase their singing talents, watch some wheelchair races, see some dance moves, and play some fun games! At the end, we handed out toys to every child and then loved on them some more!

Day 5 SchoolThat afternoon, we went down to the plaza that we were in Friday night to do some shopping. It looked completely different during the day! We had a lot of fun. Lance and I bought a few small things, and then it was off to find the ice cream!

Panoramic shot of the area overlooking the Amazon where the Anaconda Market was that we went shopping at

Day 5 Shopping 3

Day 5 Shopping 4Iguanas in a tree! So cool!

Day 5 Shopping 13  Anybody up for a piranha? I forgot what the other scary looking fish was called… Day 5 Shopping 10

I was fortunate enough to get a little bit of a history lesson while we were down there from Nathan. Unfortunately, I don’t remember everything he told me [even though I told myself I needed to remember so I could blog about it later!], but it was still cool to learn about some of the things down there! Like this cathedral. I don’t remember a thing about it, but I do remember the conversation we had about Catholicism and missionaries after talking about it! 😉Day 5 Shopping 11 A floating, house?, on the Amazon… not really sure if it was a house or some kind of store Day 5 Shopping 15

I THINK Nathan said this is one of [or maybe the only] European building around the area that’s now been taken over by the military. It was such a beautiful building! Day 5 Shopping 5Enjoying our day shopping and eating ice cream! Missing our boys pretty badly at this point.

Day 5 Shopping 8That night, we went down to a plaza to love on some people. It was another big area for prostitutes to work. Abundant Life brought a generator and sound system and started things off with a bang! One of their teams did this really cool dance to kick things off and get people’s attention. It was a hip hop dance, which is pretty uncommon around Peru. I don’t remember the style of dance that they mainly do, but let me tell you, it’s not hip hop! After they did their dance, our group did a drama; then, we had some people give their testimonies. We wrapped up the time with handing out coffee to people, meeting people in the plaza, and praying for them. It was cool to see how open and welcoming these people were to us praying for them.

Day 5 Plaza

*I wasn’t there for this, but I was told that Marla, a lady from Kansas that went with us, prayed for this family that had some younger children in it, and the Sunday after that, they showed up to the church! They even told some of the people at church that they were going to start coming! How awesome of a testimony! Jesus works through language barriers to reach out to the lost, lonely, and hurting!

                        Jesus truly loves ALL the children, men, and women of the world.

                                                 Including YOU!

*Most of these pictures were taken by others on the trip and I thank them for letting me use them. Photo cred to them!