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Iquitos Trip: We End In Lima

Thursday morning brought a wave of emotions as we left the place we had all come to love the last week. We headed to the airport to get ready to leave. We took lots of pictures with all of the missionaries that came to see us off, and then we were off to Lima.

Day 7 Goodbye Michael Day 7 Goodbye Nedy Day 7 Goodbye Nedy2 Day 7 Goodbye Rolfzen Day 7 Goodbye Ronshausen Day 7 Goodbye VillacorteSome of our group had a meeting to go to as soon as we got settled into our hostel in Lima. This meant that the rest of us were free to go shopping and sight-seeing around Lima! Lima and Iquitos are like day and night; there was nothing similar about these two places! It did feel a lot nicer in Lima, though. It was actually pretty chilly once the sun went down! Lance, Becca, and I went out shopping together that first evening. We walked all around the area we were staying in and just enjoyed our evening.

Day 8 Lima

The next day, we went as a group to a place called Huaca Pucllana. It was literally a bunch of ancient ruins right smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood! From what we learned on our tour, it used to be a LOT bigger, but they started tearing down the ruins to develop the city. This was just the small piece of history they were able to preserve. It was so cool to see this!

Day 8 Lima11Day 8 Lima7  Day 8 Lima14 Day 8 Lima15

After our tour, we headed down to a mall that was in the side of this big mountain. We ate lunch and had a beautiful view of the ocean while we did!Day 8 Lima16

I was also able to meet my “friend” Kat and her family! Kat and I met through Instagram in the beginning of this year when she came across the shirts Lance and I were selling to raise money for our trip. We began emailing back and forth where she told me that she and her husband, along with their son, were missionaries in Lima. When I found out that we would be in Lima for two days, I told her and we agreed that we had to meet up! It worked out that they had some free time in their schedule that Friday and were able to come meet our group! Although this was my first time to ever meet Kat in person, it was like we were old friends that hadn’t seen each other in a while just catching up on life! When we left the mall, Becca, Lance and I decided we would walk to the market with Kat, Elmo, and Cinco instead of riding in a taxi.

Sidenote: this decision was based off of a bad taxi ride experience we had earlier that day. The three of us were headed to the mall in a taxi with a driver who called every other driver “loco”, but couldn’t see just how crazy his driving was! Well, it just so happened he turned into a big work truck, scraping up the side of his car pretty badly. So the three of us sat there as he and the other driver “discussed” what the proper means of reconciliation would be for the accident. By the time we got to the mall, I was so sick to my stomach from motion sickness, and Becca was sick too… she literally laid down on the sidewalk once we got out the car. So it was then that we decided we would never take another taxi in Lima unless it was to the airport.

While on our way to the market, Elmo and Kat showed us the place that they are praying over as their church building. It was like, as soon as we walked up, you could feel that something supernatural was going to take place here! I truly believe God has big plans for them and that space, and am praying that they are able to get it!

We shopped at a HUGE market, buying all kinds of souveniers before heading back to the hostel to pack. We said our goodbyes to Kat, Elmo, and their son Cinco, hopped in the taxis, and were off to the airport.

On the way to the airport, we had a little time to kill, so we stopped at this big touristy attraction with fountains that light up. There’s a big light show in the middle of the park, fountains you can walk under and play in… it was simply amazing to see it!

Day 8 Lima17 Day 8 Lima18 Day 8 Lima22 Day 8 Lima24

We made it to the airport, safely, I might add, and it was back to waiting for our midnight flight. We found some food, and then headed to our terminal to wait. The flight home was smooth [most of us slept] and we arrived to a rising sun in Houston.

Day 9 Home

It was truly an unforgettable trip and I’m so glad Lance and I were both able to go on it and experience it together. There are so many things that we are taking away from it! It’s both of our prayers that we can return again one day to this place that just captured our hearts so deeply!

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