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This past weekend I went to Reign women’s conference hosted by The Church St. Amant. There were close to 1,000 ladies at this event, and let me just tell you that when you have that many women crying out for the Holy Spirit to break some chains, He does! It was a very powerful 2 days there.

My biggest take-away from the conference is that I am NOT interruptible. The sun comes up, and I have my to-do list made. Quiet time over a cup of coffee. Eat breakfast. Fix the little ones their sippies and turn on a show. Fix breakfast for previously mentioned little ones. Try to put away dishes and reload dishwasher while child C climbs into dishwasher to help. Get frustrated and move him to the couch. Continue cleaning when child A comes in, naked, and announces proudly that he, “peed peed in potty,” to which you discover an hour later that not only did he pee pee in the potty, but he also unrolled a whole roll of toilet paper into the toilet. Hello more frustration. Child E starts screaming from the living room because his brother has snagged a toy THAT HE WASN’T EVEN PLAYING WITH, but now he wants it. Child C needs his diaper changed. Got it. Finish the dishes and move to picking up toys to vacuum. Child A thinks it’s hilarious to take the toys out of the tote as you put them in, and proceeds to throw them across the room. Hello, annoyance. Child E is now screaming from the bathroom because he needs help “finishing his business,” to which child C decides to tag along for so he can pull everything out of the drawers while my back is turned. Husband texts to say he’s coming home for lunch and will be there in 15 minutes. Nothing is thawed. We’re out of milk so cereal (again) isn’t an option. There’s nothing processes and quick to heat up in the freezer. Dear Jesus, what happened to the peaceful time we had a few hours ago?! It’s been 4 hours and all I’ve¬†successfully accomplished is a lot of frustration, and only ONE thing on my to-do list. Is it nap time yet?!

To say that my every day is a blur is such an understatement. Half the time I can’t even remember what I did 2 hours ago. My days begin great with lots of expectation and enthusiasm, but within no time I find myself frustrated and exhausted. God showed me that it’s because I’m not interruptible. You see, if I were “interruptible,” then I wouldn’t get frustrated when my little one needed help in the bathroom, or made a mess, or undid everything as quickly as I did it. If my life revolves less around checking off to-do lists, and more on seizing opportunities to help (mainly my family) grow and learn, then my life will have a lot fewer frustration days.

To put it into perspective a little more, I’ll tell you what one of the speakers told us about Jesus. She said that when we look at his life, he never had “ministry time” scheduled into his agenda. He would plan a trip from place A to place B, and all during the course of his trip, he was interrupted to heal this person, cast out a demon from this person, raise this person from the dead, and on and on and on. Jesus was the most interruptible person to walk this earth. His agenda was to do the business of his Father, and that meant a lot of interruptions were in store.

When I think about my days, and how they are predictable and planned, I see so little room for me to be interrupted, and if I can’t be interrupted by my family without frustration, how in the world can I be interrupted by someone else and be ok?! It’s just not going to happen.

As I write this, I’m laughing, because if you’ve followed Jesus for any length of time, then you know that when you pray for something, He is going to give you opportunities to start practicing. As I left conference Saturday praying, “Lord, please help me be interruptible to my family, so I can be interruptible to others,” He said, “Ok, I will.” I have a pretty hefty to-do list this week, and that was quickly interrupted Wednesday when my youngest son, child C, woke up from nap with fever. It was a late night (2:00am I think?) that turned into an early morning (6:45am.) he was better, but by nap time yesterday, my middle kiddo, child A, woke up with fever. He was feeling better by bedtime, but it was still a late-ish night (11:30) and he ended up in bed with us around 1:30. If you don’t already know this about me, I dont sleep when someone is touching me so while precious baby boy snuggled up to my back, I laid there remembering why I don’t want a newborn right now! ? I’ve been praying that my oldest boy, child E, would be immune to the sickness, but he has the weakest immune system out of all my children, so as the past two days have gone, nap time found child E with fever, and feeling terrible. He’s since thrown up twice while bouncing back and forth from feeling good to feeling like there’s a “beaver” in his tummy. (Yeah, I have no idea what that means, either!)

While baby boy A came to keep me company in my work room tonight, I couldn’t help but watch him and think of how God has given me so many opportunities to practice being interruptible. I haven’t jumped on every single one, but I have gotten a good bit of them, and to my surprise, they were actually delightful, and not frustrating. I still have a lot of learning to do, a lot more practicing of being interruptible. I’m thankful for a God who hears and answers my prayers, and gently (and patiently) loves me as He changes me more into the image of His son.

I’ll leave you with my three boys, Callen, Asher, and Elijah, looking miserable as their sick, but teaching me a lot about being interruptible.