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Homemaking Day Three: That Yummy Smell!

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The way a home smells is the very first thing I notice when I step through the door. Growing up, they didn’t have cool Scentsy warmers so our home was filled with Glade plugins and candles. My mom had a plugin in every room, and multiples in larger rooms. She would try to keep the same scent in the front of the house, and the bedrooms usually had a different one in them. Our home ALWAYS smelled nice, usually some sort of clean smell.

So, as we prepared to move into our home, I bought my own set of Glade plugins! To this day, I can still smell the scent I first used when we were married and it takes me back to those early months of marriage! Now, I’ve moved on up in the world though, and have Scentsy warmers [well, I’ll be honest, I only have one actual Scentsy brand warmer] throughout our home. The smaller bedrooms and bathrooms have small wall plugin warmers, my kitchen, living room, and our master bedroom all have larger plugins. I tend to stick to clean and fresh scents during the spring and summer. One of my favorites is called Clean Laundry and it just welcomes in the Spring time so well! In the Fall, I’m all about some food scents [they’re my fallback anyway!] and in the Winter, I tend to burn more cinnamon smelling scents.

The way a home smells is so important to the atmosphere it sets. If the house smells, and trust me, we have times when our house just flat-out stinks!, it really turns people off. There’s definitely a balance, too. If you have multiple scents going in one room, that can be just as big of a turn-off as stinky trash. I’m very careful to ALWAYS make sure that the scent I burn in my living room and kitchen are the same because the areas open up to each other and blended scents tend to be unappealing. The same goes for our master bedroom/bath. I usually don’t burn my warmers all day, either. I’ll turn them on in the morning until I can start to smell them well, and then cut them off after about 15 or 20 minutes. The scent lingers for a few hours, and I just repeat the process whenever I feel the need to “freshen up” the home. If I know I have company coming over, I’ll turn them on about 45 minutes before they’re expected to arrive.

Don’t be afraid to try new scents, either! My husband likes more fruity, tropical scents so I’ll let him pick out things for our home. Even though these aren’t my favorite, they’re still nice for a change and set a different mood in the home. Scentsy really does have GREAT smelling scents [my favorite is Lucky In Love because it smells just like the Love Spell perfume from Victoria’s Secret], and I’ve also found that Walmart carries a great smelling line of wax cubes for warmers. Aaaaaaand I’m hoping that The HANDMAID Workshop may start carrying some wax cubes of our own soon, but more on that another time!!

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