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Homemaking Day One: Backstory

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So here’s the dealio, yo! I came across this website called write31days.com and the challenge is to write for 31 days straight. The original intention was to help get the creator back on track with her blogging, and since then, it’s grown into a pretty big community of people who link up with their topics they’ve chosen to write on. I’ve decided to accept the challenge! So for the whole month of October, I will write one post a day on my topic: Homemaking: Transforming A House Into A Home.

Day 1: Backstory

I’m sure you’ve been to people’s homes, but you felt so uncomfortable the moment you walked in, like you had to be very careful not to get a speck of dirt on their floor. You nervously sat down on the edge of the couch, trying not to disturb the throw pillows, or even leave the remotest trace that you had even been sitting there. It feels uninviting, cold, sterile. But on the other hand, have you ever walked into someone’s house and it just felt like “home”? It was so warm, inviting, and comfortable. You know, the kind of home that makes you want to kick your shoes off and flop down on the couch. The home that makes you feel safe, a place of relaxation, rest, and refuge from the crazy and demanding world outside. THIS is the kind of home I want our place to be-inviting!

Here’s a couple of important definitions for you that will help you better understand this            whole month’s worth of posts:

House: a building in which people live in

Home: the place in which one’s domestic affections are centered; any place of                              residence or refuge

Lance and I have been married for 3.5 years now. Our house is an older one that my husband redid on the inside. He converted it into a 3 bedroom, 2 bath from a 4 bedroom, 1 bath. He put in new cabinets, added a pantry, made a nice laundry room, opened my kitchen up to my laundry room, and since then we’ve added a nice wood stove to our living room. I LOVE our little house, but the only thing that bugs me is that it feels like a “house” a lot of times, and not a home. We were pressed for time to finish the house before we got married so the whole interior of the house was painted the same neutral sand color, and all the doors/trim/cabinets were painted white. All of our curtains were white as well. It didn’t look bad, but it was just so uniform and impersonal.

We also have a LOT of windows in our living room and dining room which makes our house very well lit during the day. It’s wonderful to have all of the curtains open and run on natural lighting, however, with the white curtains, it made the front of our house too bright. I’ll also add that I don’t like clutter, and my philosophy is “the less I have, the less I have to clean up”! It’s a great philosophy… unless you take it overboard. And I tend to ere on the overboard side more often than not. I tried to eliminate the end tables in our living room, but that became a problem very quickly! I also tend to keep the dining room table completely cleaned off, no centerpiece or anything. Basically, walking into our house was like walking into an empty hotel room. There were some colors, one picture on the wall, but that was it. It didn’t feel like a place that was meant for “permanent” living, but rather a nice place to visit for a day or two, and then leave… but the problem is that this is where we live day in and day out and there is no other “home” to go to.

Over the last few years, I’ve taken steps to make our sterile house feel more like a loving home. I’ll share with you the things that I’ve already done, as well as things I’m currently working on, and some future plans! After all, I have 30 more days of writing to do!

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