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Homemaking Day 4: Curtain Embellishments

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Let me try to give you a picture of what it’s like to walk into our home. When you step in through the front door, you’re in the living room, which opens right into the dining room. It’s almost one huge open space, except we have a header that comes off our hallway that breaks up the rooms just a little bit. The kitchen is also opened to both of them, so if I’m standing at my kitchen sink, I can see whomever is sitting on the couch and have a conversation with them. [I’ll eventually take a picture of this to show you!]

Basically I just want you to understand that the front half of our home is very open. Ok, so now that we’ve established that let me explain our lighting situation. Our front door has a large window on it, we have four windows in our living room, four windows in our dining room, and one window in our kitchen. It makes for a TON of natural lighting!

The curtains we had hanging up were tab top, solid white, ceiling to floor panels. We had tiny curtain rods so the tab top curtains looked terrible on them. [These curtains were very nice and given to us, something I was so thankful for!] They needed some updating to suit our needs, though. My mom came over and helped me with that. We changed them from tab-tops to pocket tops. We also cut them off [because they were twice the length of our windows and for our space it didn’t really work]. Then, we made a trip to the store and bought some ribbon that coordinated with the colors in the house. We went home and sewed the ribbon to the curtains, giving them a nice little embellishment that helped tie them in to the rest of the rooms.

I don’t have any pictures of this, but it cost me about $8 for all the ribbon [it was on sale!] and it really made a huge difference in the rooms!