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Happy Birthday Love!

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Today, we celebrate my husband’s 27th birthday! I’m so thrilled to have him here today. [He was in a bad wreck about a month ago.] In celebration of this wonderful day, I started thinking about the birthdays of his that we’ve celebrated in the past. The first one was just a month after we started dating in 2008. I planned a surprise party for him at one of our friend’s houses and had a lot of his friends show up!


The second year, we had a surprise party for him at the bowling alley, although he figured this one out on the way there. It was still a lot of fun, and a ton of people stopped by to say hello and wish him a happy birthday! We also celebrated at my house with my parents. My mom and I made him crawfish fettuccine and a homemade chocolate cake. The fettuccine was delicious… the cake tasted horrible! HA!


The next year we had a surprise party for him at Nikkis, a locally owned restaurant in town. Once again, a ton of people showed up and we had a great time!

The following year, we had a NOT surprise party at Lance’s other favorite restaurant in town, Planet Thailand. It’s got some of the best sushi around! There wasn’t quite as many people at this one, however, we did have a very large crew still! They ended up sending two servers to our table!


In 2012, we had a small surprise party at our home. I was just weeks away from having our first child and didn’t feel like planning anything super big. It was actually a last minute kind of thing, because Lance didn’t want anything. It was nice to have a small get-together with our close friends.


Last year was kind of the same scenario: I was only a few weeks away from having our second child and neither one of us wanted to have a big party. I made a cake for Lance, and we celebrated his birthday as a family. It was nice, quiet, and fun!

And this year it looks like it’s going to be the same! Quiet birthday celebrating with our 2 sons this year! He got Lecrae’s new CD that came out today, and a pair of shoes a few weeks back as an early birthday present. I made him a cake he specifically requested, one he saw on facebook a few weeks back. It’s a banana pudding cake and it turned out quite beautifully actually!


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