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A few months back, my dear friend, Calley, shared with me her idea of opening a small business with all hand-made items in it. These would include jewelry, body products, clothing accessories, etc! If it’s hand-made, then it goes! We sat in McDonalds and brain-stormed ideas over a cup of coffee. I got to work on making a logo for the business and she worked on getting the information needed to a web designer to build a website. Once that was all finished, we were set to go! We began taking custom orders and the response we got was pretty amazing! 

Earlier this month, we had a big HANDMAID MERRY CHRISTMAS sale at Calley’s home. It was so much fun! Not only did she and I get to display and sell items that we had been working on for a few months, but we got to meet a lot of great people and have a great time! We had a lady that makes hair bows join in with us to sell some of her items as well as another lady who does monogramming! It was a very productive day, and definitely made all of the 3am nights worth it.

I finished up my last order for Christmas last night. Ahhh, peace! =) I look forward to continuing with custom orders for people after the holidays are over. I really enjoy what we’re doing. Here’s a few pictures from our big Merry Christmas Sale along with some of the items we’ve made. I plan to do a follow up post on just the jewelry I’ve been making so look out for it! =)