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Getting Through

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I wanted to just make a tweet with this, but it was incredibly too long. After some thought, I decided to just blog about it! It excites me so much and I want others to know!

For the past two weeks, the A/C hasn’t been turned on early enough to cool off where the youth meet on Wednesdays. In Louisiana, this means it’s HOT in there. Close to 90 degrees. So we decided to meet in a small side room where the air conditioner was blowing well and cooling it off relatively quickly. One of the youth jokingly made the comment, “Watch we have like 17 people show up tonight.” And we did. 19 to be exact.

But it gets better! For you to appreciate this, you have to understand that we have a faithful group sold out for Jesus, but we also have a lot of hit-and-miss youth that we don’t really know why they show up. Our youth group is made up of a bunch of “street kids” and youth that come from broken families. So here we are, 20 minutes into the service and a whole bunch of people start showing up late. We pause and welcome them, get them situated and you can almost feel the tension grow in the room as a few repeat trouble makers come strolling in. Lance continues talking and he then poses the question, “Why do we call potentially the darkest day in history Good Friday?” Immediately, one of the boys that occasionally stirs up trouble shot his hand up in the air. Lance called on him and his answer was this: “Well we call it Good Friday because Jesus died on the cross for sinners on that day so it’s good that He did that.”

Figuratively speaking, I fell outta my chair. I was so shocked, so amazed, so in wonder that this boy that has been coming off and on for a year now just spit out the one thing we’ve been trying to get through to him, and everyone else, for so long!

To make it even more exciting, I had just had a conversation with Bro. Todd Welch, our Children’s Pastor, on Sunday about this exact subject. He and his wife served in youth ministry and he was telling us how some of his former youth will still call him today and tell him of the impact he and Mrs. Cristi had on their life. I was sharing with him how encouraging that was because it seems like every week on the way home I find myself asking, ” When are they gonna get it?” or asking Lance, “What’s it gonna take to get through to them?” Obviously, the answer is always Jesus and His timing. It’s just so easy to get impatient and expect immediate results.

Last night may not be something special to anyone else and it may not have impacted anyone else in that room the way it did me, but I saw hope. It’s like God was saying, “Denae, here’s your answer. You’re getting through even if you aren’t seeing the results the way you think you should. Keep going strong and giving it your all because they ARE getting it.” It was a moment that overflowed my soul and the more I think about it, the more fuel I have to keep going. This fight is worth fighting for that one boy to get it, to surrender his life to God.