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For Those Who Can’t Speak #freedom

I see the glory of the Lord every time the sun rises. I hear the unheard screams of a broken heart because every day a son dies. 27 million slaves but no plantation, 27 million slaves, all different races. This is not the picture the Lord painted in Genesis. Silence is our enemy, our voices can end it.

I have dreamed of a kingdom coming where evil drowns in mercy streams. I want to see those rivers of justice so I use my voice for those who can’t speak. I will use my voice for those who can’t speak. -Tenth Avenue North, For Those Who Can’t Speak

I remember hearing the EP of this song. It rocked my world. Just a few months before hearing this song, I was watching the message of it happen in a country in South America. I watched young children become prey to older men. just another dollar in their pocket. The brokeness, the hopelessness. It still sends chills down my spine when I replay it in my head. And I can still see it all like it was yesterday.

I came home from that trip determined to do something. Anything. I had to help. That’s about the time I heard the song For Those Who Can’t Speak, and it was like the song was written for me, cheering me on to go be the voice for those children I saw entangled in a world they never asked for. I still dream about them, see their faces, and know that God is not going to let me forget them.

I’ve prayed long and hard about how I can help. I’m just one person. But I’m one person with a heart that’s hurting for the millions who can’t live in the same freedom I can, a freedom that I can all too quickly take for granted. I may not have much to give, but I do have talents that God has gifted me with that I can use to help fight for freedom.

I’ve been dreaming up this #freedom Collection for a long time now, and I’m really excited to release the first set of items in it! Much prayer has gone into this collection, and will continue to go into it. The proceeds from every piece sold will go directly to The A21 Campaign. They are a globally established organization that is working to free people ensnared in slavery. There are currently two operations in the US – one in South Carolina and one in California – and more around the world. The founder of The A21 Campaign, Christine Caine, wrote this letter, and I love what she says:

This is my voice for those who can’t speak.

For the 27 Million in slavery, XXVIIM, and for the freedom they long for, #freedom, and to see slavery ended, X. The key is for us all to work together to see it happen.

So what will you do with your voice? Will you use it for those who can’t speak? You may only be one person, but together, we can make a difference.

While dreaming up these pieces, I wanted something unique, something that would start conversations when worn. It took a lot of reworking of ideas, and prayer, but this is what I have finally decided on, and I love it! The Roman numerals spell out 27,000,000 (XX=20; VII=7; M with a line over the top=million). The #freedom is the name of the collection, the purpose behind it-to see the captives set free! The red X that is on every piece is the symbol for the End It Movement, an internationally recognized symbol to end human trafficking. Below are the current pieces. You can click the picture to be taken to the link in the shop, or click the link next to the description!

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