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Exciting News From the Hulas!

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I am so excited to share some news with y’all! Lance and I are overjoyed at the news that we will be adding our third son to our family in January!

IMG_4070After my appointment, I looked at Lance and said, “Can you believe how awesome of a legacy we will be able to leave for the Hula family?” I’m moved to tears when I start dreaming of all the different things God may have in store for each of my boys, the plan that He has created them to carry out for His name’s sake, the lives they will reach and change all in the name of Love. It excites me to no end to think about the impact that they can [and will] have on the world around them.photoI know two big brothers that will be very excited to have a little brother that they can wrestle around with! And I know one momma who is so excited to have a house full of boys! =)

  1. Christie Wagoner

    Congrats!!!!! Before long your house will be full like mine! Enjoy each and every moment, time flies. I love yall!