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Easter 2016

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Oh, Easter 2016, you were wonderful! I seriously think this is one of the best Easters I’ve had. It’s not that the message behind Easter has changed any, but this year it just seemed more real than ever to me just what Christ did. I could close my eyes and I felt like I was there with the disciples, scared of the uncertainty that would come on the “good” Friday. I could imagine the despair and hopelessness that they must have felt those hours, and days, after Jesus was crucified and buried. And then, that Sunday morning when they received news that Jesus was no longer in the tomb. I can imagine, hearts thumping and minds racing, the hope that was birthed in them as they ran to the tomb, Jesus’ words echoing in their heads, “I will come to you…” What an amazing promise that our Savior has given us, and what a special Easter this was for me as I reflected on that promise.

Leading up to Easter Sunday, we celebrated in some traditions that come with the holiday. Since it [was scheduled] to rain on Sunday, we did an Easter egg hunt with some friends on Friday. It was a blast! Our boys were able to understand a little better this year what they were supposed to be doing. Once they caught on to, “Pick the eggs up and put them in your bucket,” they were running everywhere to collect eggs! Our littlest one, Callen, didn’t really understand, but he sure did enjoy the freedom of running around a wide open space with his two eggs he found on the ground!

IMG_3051 IMG_3054 IMG_3055 IMG_3056 IMG_3066

Saturday, we took a trip out of town to go shopping for something nice to wear to church on Sunday. After a few hours in the mall, my hubby and I were excited to walk out with outfits for all of us, plus shoes! We took a family picture at church before leaving, and I got some pictures with ALL of my guys!

IMG_3100 IMG_3104 IMG_3098 IMG_3096 IMG_3093We let the big boys open some Easter treats we put together for them.

IMG_3107 IMG_3109