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Our Duck Dog

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Last Sunday, Lance & I loaded up the dogs and headed to the Old River. There’s a nice little public boat ramp down there with plenty of bank to fish off of if that’s what you want to do. It’s been a while since the dogs have gotten to swim because, well, it’s been cold! Haha. We have a nice duck decoy that we’re teaching our lab, Kaddie, to retrieve. I was actually very impressed that she would jump right in and go get it.





Sebastian, our chihuahua, will swim as well, but just not as far out as Kaddie. He likes the water, but doesn’t really have the endurance to make the long treks that she can make. He usually stays pretty close!


Elijah decided it was time to eat when we got there. He’s started holding his own bottle, and he’s actually REALLY good at it!



I took a self portrait, one of the few I’ve taken in a while! It was a BEAUTIFUL sunny day!



Lance always makes Kaddie sit before he will throw the decoy for her to go after. We’re working on getting her to stay and not go in after the decoy until we tell her to. She’s learning!



At one point, Lance threw the decoy out pretty far from the bank and Kaddie got distracted. There were two dead fish that someone had dumped around where she was swimming and she thought one of them was the decoy. She was a little shocked when she got to it and it wasn’t her duck. Lance firmly told her, “NO!” because we didn’t want a dead fish so she bypassed it and came back to the shore. I started to panic a little because the decoy was still out in the water (it was NOT cheap!) and I knew that if Kaddie didn’t go get it, we would have to wait for a boat to come in to get it for us and there were only a handful of trucks parked at the boat ramp. Thankfully, after a few times of Lance telling Kaddie what he wanted her to do, she jumped back in and swam out to the decoy. It took her a second to find it, but she got it and brought it back in to us! Phew! =)






I LOVE this picture! Kaddie and Sebastian play SO much and she had enough swimming… she wanted to PLAAAAAY! =)




She is SOOOOO pretty! I may be a little biased because she’s my dog! She has such a great personality, too and is GREAT with Elijah. She lets him pull on her, crawl on top of her, and she even let him lick all over her the other night (Lance quickly stopped that one from happening!).



Elijah was actually getting over a cold so his eyes are a little puffy in this picture, but he enjoyed being outside for a while! He couldn’t really see the dogs playing, but when Kaddie came by and shook off by us, he giggled at her!



Lance is thrilled to have a big dog that we can train. We’re anxiously waiting for the day when someone gives us a pure bred chocolate lab! *hint hint someone!* =)



We used to take pictures like this ALL the time, but then I stopped bringing my camera everywhere with me. I mean, every single weekend we were out doing things and I had my camera glued to my side. I miss that! And I miss having the pictures to go back and look at… almost our whole first two years of marriage I don’t have many pictures of. Now I’m getting back in to keeping the camera with me at all times!



I wont put a picture of this on because it’s a little gross to look at, but despite all the fun we had out here at the river, Kaddie did sustain an injury. Either while we were out here or sometime after we got home, she cut open one of the pads on her back paw. Monday, I thought her paw looked swollen, but then I shrugged it off. Later that day, I could hear that she was limping when she walked down the hallway.  I thought maybe she was stiff from swimming, but when she continued to limp I decided to investigate. I looked all of her paws over and then I saw the nice big open pad. =( I felt so bad. I called the vet and asked what to do. They said keep it clean, wrapped up and I could give her some medicine for pain. So I bathed her, put neosporin on it, wrapped it with gauze and an ace bandage and sentenced her to bed-rest, which she hated! Tuesday was our roughest day. Apparently I had wrapped it too tight the night before which made the blood rush and start pulsating in the wound. She was in a LOT of pain. I got her calmed down and re-bandaged the site. Made her eat and gave her some doggy pain medicine. Then I laid on the floor next to her for almost an hour, petting her and holding her foot which kept jerking and twitching. She finally calmed down when the meds kicked in and she went to sleep. Now, she wants to run and play like normal, but the spot is still pretty open. The wound looks great as far as the tissue is concerned, but it still has some time before it’s closed up!


Lesson learned, do a thorough inspection of where the dogs will be running around at the next time we take them somewhere! And I’ll know to check her feet as soon as we get home so that if this happens again I catch it early, maybe before it opens up more. All in all, it was still a great time and we’re still having fun chilling out in the house! =)