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Countdown To Baby Hula #4

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Well, we are in the single-digit week countdown now until we welcome our fourth baby into this world. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant which means, if keeping with my history, I should be meeting my daughter in 6 weeks time. My first son was born 3 days past his due date; my second son was born 2 days before his due date; and my third son was born on his due date. My due dates are usually based off my conception date rather than my LMP, and I feel like that’s why they seem to be pretty accurate.


<–This was taken last week at a baby shower at my church!


I had another prenatal appointment yesterday. Everything was great and she is measuring dead-on with where she should be. I was actually kind of shocked when they told me that yesterday because all of my boys measured at least 2 weeks ahead, even though they weren’t very big at birth. I’m curious what she will actually weigh; I’m guessing around 7 1/2 pounds, but only time will tell. I’m about to go to appointments every week which I’m not overly thrilled about, but thankfully it’s only 4 weeks of that. It’s exactly 2 hours one-way from my house to the hospital at which I’ll be having this baby. The picture to the right kind of sums up how my whole family feels about these 4 hour trips, but I can honestly say there’s nobody else I’d rather share a long care ride with than these four. My hubby was grabbing snacks for us from the store when I snapped this picture, but I’ve been so fortunate to have him at all of my appointments! I’m even more so grateful for him as I’m nearing the end of this pregnancy and that third trimester fatigue has set in, making it nearly impossible to keep my eyes open sometimes.


Which actually brings me to the picture on the left! Naps are still kind of rare seeing as how my oldest two just don’t want to slow down much, but I sneak one when I can. Sunday, Lance and the boys were outside playing and before I knew it, 3 hours had passed and I was waking from a much-needed nap. Most days, the boys and I just crash out on the couches for a couple of hours and watch a movie, and I’ll doze on and off throughout it. Sleeping at night is just a mess at this point! I have to sit up almost completely in bed to turn over, and even if I don’t drink much after 7pm, I still find myself heading to the bathroom at least 2 times a night. I think my body is preparing for life with a newborn, with the frequent waking and such, but I just wasn’t ready for it to hit me quite so soon. I’ve just stopped fighting to get a full 8 hours at night; I know that day will come again in a few years! Haha


I was hoping I had saved the picture of all the work my Lance has been doing to help prepare for Adalae, but I guess I didn’t save it. Boo! My work room is being turned into her bedroom. It’s been the same shade of green since Elijah first used it as a nursery 5 years ago and it’s definitely time for some updating. The room has suffered some damage to the sheet rock over the years, and honestly, I just don’t want to paint a room so I was excited when Lance was up to covering the walls with wood and tin. He has about 1/3 of the room finished, and I’m hoping we can knock the rest of the room out by the end of the weekend. He is such a skilled carpenter and I love whenever he takes on new projects around the house. I definitely benefit the most from his projects. It will be a while before Adalae actually occupies this room after coming home, but I need to get all of her baby shower goodies off of our kitchen table and stored in her room!



We took a break from any chores or duties to enjoy a lunch on the river Saturday with our boys. I keep reminding myself that not only will mine and Lance’s lives be changing with the addition of another baby, but their lives will be, too. Really, they were all so small when I had babies that it didn’t seem to affect them much. Elijah was a year old when Asher was born; then Elijah was just over 2, and Asher just over 1 when Callen was born. Now, they’re 5/4/3 so they are very aware of what’s going on. They are ALL soooo excited to meet their baby sister, but they’re also blissfully unaware of how much their lives will change with her addition to our family. I’ve just been soaking up as much time with them as I can, and really enjoying being a boy-mom while it lasts. I really can’t put into words how excited our whole family is for our Adalae Rose to join us! I think she’s ready, too, because she just gave me a big ole kick as I typed that out. Soon enough, baby girl, soon enough. =)