Making Our Dreams & Goals Come True

Welcome to the final post in this series of Dreams & Goals! In case you’ve missed the posts from earlier this week, then I’ll give you a quick recap. We talked about the difference between dreams and goals on Tuesday. … Read More

How To Set Smart Goals

Setting goals can be a daunting task. I’m hoping today to put a tool in your hand that will help you set goals without overwhelming you or making it seem impossible. Let’s get started!   Pull out your list from … Read More

The Difference Between A Dream and A Goal

I’ve come to realize two things about dreams and goals. The first is that everyone has dreams, but they don’t always have goals; the second is that most people WANT their dreams to become reality, but they don’t know how … Read More

Dreams & Goals

This week on the blog, we will be talking about dreams and goals. I love talking about my dreams with other people, and I really love to hear what other’s dreams are. Dreams give us hope by allowing us to … Read More

Why Personal Development

Personal Development. The first time I heard this phrase, I found myself sitting there saying, “HUH?!” I had never heard of the concept before, or at least, I didn’t realize that I had so I was a little confused at … Read More