Gluten Free Pizza Crust

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Pizza is my comfort food. Ask anyone who is close to me, and they will all be able to tell you that I’m a pizza-lover through and through. The more veggies, the better. We have pizza at least once a … Read More

On Going Gluten-Free, Again

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A couple of years ago, I really started doing some research into gluten, and the way our body processes it. I decided to cut it out for a bit to see if it made a difference in how I felt, … Read More

Banana Muffins

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Banana bread. Oh my, how I love me some hot, just out the oven banana bread! I must say that paleo baking has really been a lot of trial and error, and I’ve done so much better at it this … Read More

Paleo-ish Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

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About a month ago, my husband and I made the decision to “paleofy” our family’s eating habits. That’s a nice word, huh? Paleofy. Our two toddlers had gotten to the point of not eating anything, and worse, not even TRYING … Read More