Purpose: LOVE

I’ll admit that being a stay-at-home mom often feels like I’m missing the mark on changing the world. I know I have such a huge ministry by raising my three sons to love Jesus so they can love others, but … Read More

A Handmaid Festival

April held much excitement as Calley and I decided to enter The HANDMAID Workshop into our first festival! We traveled about an hour to Winnsboro, LA to be a part of their annual Franklin Parish Catfish Festival. The festival is … Read More

Compassion Sunday 2016

About a month ago, a friend text me and asked if I wanted to take part in the Compassion Sunday event by hosting one at our church this year. I quickly replied, “YES!” Compassion has been such a blessing to … Read More

For Those Who Can’t Speak #freedom

I see the glory of the Lord every time the sun rises. I hear the unheard screams of a broken heart because every day a son dies. 27 million slaves but no plantation, 27 million slaves, all different races. This … Read More

Beautiful Are The Feet

I’ll never forget the first time I saw this picture. Something coarsed through me as I thought about all the shoes in mine and my husband’s closet. We take shoes for granted so often. I can’t tell you how many … Read More

Iquitos Trip: We End In Lima

Thursday morning brought a wave of emotions as we left the place we had all come to love the last week. We headed to the airport to get ready to leave. We took lots of pictures with all of the … Read More

Iquitos Trip: A Ride Down The Amazon River

Wednesday afternoon proved to be an adventurous one. We, along with a lot of the men from the Safehouse, took a trip down the Amazon River, making a few stops along the way. We saw some dolphins swimming in the … Read More

Iquitos Trip: Feed The Hungry

Wednesday kicked off bright and early; before the sun had even risen! We headed out to my new favorite place: Belen. We stopped in the market on the way in and bought bread. There were many vendors already there setting … Read More

Iquitos Trip: Emotional Monday

Monday was quite an eventful day. That morning, we split up in to three groups. The men went to work on a small building just down the street from the mission. This is going to be a bakery, which will … Read More