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Remember my post about my only birthday request from my hubby was to run a 5k? Well, when we ran it, I couldn’t even run the whole thing. We had to stop around a mile and a half so I … Read More

Birthday 5K

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I wrote a post a while back about how I was beginning to get in to running. The process has been an on and off thing, but I am still sticking with it. I prefer to run outdoors, and the … Read More

Pinky Promise

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I’ve been reading about the Israelites a lot lately. It’s always so aweing to me how I can read the same passage or verse of scripture over and over again, and God always uses it differently when He speaks to … Read More

Louisiana Snow Day

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We were blessed this year with a rare winter event for Louisiana: snow! And not just once, but twice! [And there are rumors of snow again next week?!] The last time I remember a GOOD snow like this in Louisiana … Read More

Christmas Time

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For Christmas, there’s a few traditions that we’ve already started in our family. Lance’s uncle has a party for all of the family and we play Cajun Christmas-I’m talking about 25+ people here! It’s awesome and something I look forward … Read More

Home Management Binder

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A few years ago, I came across this awesome idea on Pinterest for a home management binder. There were organized pages with to-do lists, ways to track your budget each month, and much more. Instead of buying the pages that … Read More

Basic Image Gallery Post

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas sit amet fermentum dolor, et consectetur elit. Sed gravida dui ac lobortis pretium. Quisque in ante tellus. Nulla facilisi. In vel enim a est faucibus tempus sit amet elementum nisi. Sed … Read More

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