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Homemaking Day 4: Curtain Embellishments

posted in: Family 0

Let me try to give you a picture of what it’s like to walk into our home. When you step in through the front door, you’re in the living room, which opens right into the dining room. It’s almost one … Read More

Homemaking Day Three: That Yummy Smell!

posted in: Family 1

The way a home smells is the very first thing I notice when I step through the door. Growing up, they didn’t have cool Scentsy warmers so our home was filled with Glade plugins and candles. My mom had a … Read More

Homemaking Day Two: Cabinet Makeover

posted in: Family 1

I didn’t do anything to our home for almost the first year that we lived in it. I was still in school, and to be honest, I just don’t have much of a creative eye when it comes to interior … Read More

Homemaking Day One: Backstory

posted in: Family 1

So here’s the dealio, yo! I came across this website called and the challenge is to write for 31 days straight. The original intention was to help get the creator back on track with her blogging, and since then, … Read More

Exciting News From the Hulas!

posted in: Family 1

I am so excited to share some news with y’all! Lance and I are overjoyed at the news that we will be adding our third son to our family in January! After my appointment, I looked at Lance and said, … Read More

My Cute DIY Envelope Wallet

posted in: Family, Miscellaneous 1

Hello there! I was so excited this past week to be able to whip out my sewing machine and work on a little project for myself: an envelope wallet. There’s a cool budget system that uses envelopes to help you … Read More

Happy Birthday Love!

posted in: Family 1

Today, we celebrate my husband’s 27th birthday! I’m so thrilled to have him here today. [He was in a bad wreck about a month ago.] In celebration of this wonderful day, I started thinking about the birthdays of his that … Read More

Wood Stove Makeover

posted in: Miscellaneous 3

Our first year of marriage, Lance bought me a nice wood stove for Christmas. I was beyond thrilled to get it! Growing up, we always had a fireplace in our home that we burned through the winter months. Now, I … Read More

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