Denae Hula Designs Subscription Box

  SUBSCRIBE HERE $24.99/month 1 Exclusive Piece of Jewelry plus Free U.S. Shipping $24.99/month $74.97/quarter [one box FREE!] $224.91/year [three boxes FREE!] ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Sounds cool. How does it work? Each month, you’ll receive one exclusive piece of handmade jewelry (up … Read More

The Birth Of Adalae Rose

Well to say that this whole pregnancy and birth kept me on my toes is kind of an understatement. I had no idea that being pregnant with a girl would be so different than my three pregnancies with boys, so … Read More

Easter 2018

Easter 2018 can go down in the books as a fun one! We did the Easter things, like dying Easter eggs and having the Easter egg hunt. We read the story of Easter, how Christ came to earth as a … Read More

“Maternity Leave”

Hellllllllo week 35 of pregnancy!!!!! I just wanted to take a quick moment to announce that I’m officially taking my “maternity leave” from Denae Hula Designs Jewelry. The end-of-pregnancy fatigue has set in as well as the desire to “nest” … Read More

Countdown To Baby Hula #4

Well, we are in the single-digit week countdown now until we welcome our fourth baby into this world. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant which means, if keeping with my history, I should be meeting my daughter in 6 weeks … Read More

Making Our Dreams & Goals Come True

Welcome to the final post in this series of Dreams & Goals! In case you’ve missed the posts from earlier this week, then I’ll give you a quick recap. We talked about the difference between dreams and goals on Tuesday. … Read More

How To Set Smart Goals

Setting goals can be a daunting task. I’m hoping today to put a tool in your hand that will help you set goals without overwhelming you or making it seem impossible. Let’s get started!   Pull out your list from … Read More

The Difference Between A Dream and A Goal

I’ve come to realize two things about dreams and goals. The first is that everyone has dreams, but they don’t always have goals; the second is that most people WANT their dreams to become reality, but they don’t know how … Read More

Dreams & Goals

This week on the blog, we will be talking about dreams and goals. I love talking about my dreams with other people, and I really love to hear what other’s dreams are. Dreams give us hope by allowing us to … Read More

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