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Asher’s Birth Through A Photographer’s Eyes

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I had debated on whether or not to have a birth photographer for Elijah’s birth. When I was only a few weeks out from having him, I saw a post on one of the birth facebook pages I follow about a student at LSU needing births to photograph. She was studying photography and for her final paper she was doing a project on maternal care. And she still needed some more births to photograph for her project. I shot her an email and by the end of the day I had her lined up to come shoot Elijah’s birth for us. After getting the pictures from her a few months after having him, I knew I wanted a photographer at all of my births! Those are precious moments, and in all of the adrenaline of birth, the little details seem to get forgotten. Having those pictures helps to remember them.

The decision to have a photographer at Asher’s birth was easy: yes! The problem was finding someone who wasn’t freaked out by the idea of homebirth to come shoot it. I was pretty far along in his pregnancy when, once again, a post came across the birth facebook page about a photographer looking to shoot some births. I went to her page and discovered that on her “bucket list” of things to photograph was a water birth AND a homebirth. I shot her an email and explained to her where I lived and that we were planning our second home water birth. She was so excited and agreed to come shoot for us.

I’m so glad that Rhea was able to come photograph Asher’s birth for us. Here is a post she wrote from her side of the whole birth. It’s a great post and I enjoyed reading it through someone else’s eyes. You can also check out more of her work on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/JerriRheaPhotography.