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A Handmaid Festival

April held much excitement as Calley and I decided to enter The HANDMAID Workshop into our first festival! We traveled about an hour to Winnsboro, LA to be a part of their annual Franklin Parish Catfish Festival. The festival is said to host over 15,000 people! There are bands that play, a TON of vendors, a car show, and much more. We worked busily throughout March to stock up on candles and soap so that we would have a good amount of product to bring to the show with us.

We were excited that a percentage of the sales of all of our items are going to a children’s home in Iquitos, Peru that some of our good friends run. They have a heart so big for the people of Iquitos, and are burdened to help children out of poverty, and the easy trap of drugs and prostitution. Our friends are working diligently to spread the love of Jesus throughout their city by being the hands and feet of Jesus, and ministering to physical needs. We are so excited about the way God is moving through their ministry and are excited to help support them financially.


We could not have done it without the amazing support AND help of our husbands. Lance, my husband, spent a few hours building candle and soap displays for us to use. They turned out to be very beautiful wood displays that assembled and disassembled very easily, perfect for what we were doing! Lance and Danny, Calley’s husband, both came to the festival with us to help unload our stuff, set it up, and then pack it up to bring home. Seriously, we have some pretty awesome husbands! Thank you Lance and Danny for everything yall have done for us!


Calley working on a large sign to set out in front of our booth. We changed it some during the day to help advertise Mother’s Day, which is quickly approaching!

denae calley

Our selfie!


Overall, we had a blast at the festival. There were SO MANY PEOPLE there. I was a little overwhelmed at the volume of people that passed through. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day, either. It started off a little chilly, but once the sun came out, it warmed up nicely to a Louisiana spring day. selfie

I’ve got to get those snapchat selfies in! 😉

We also had a lot of help from Danny and Calley’s older children, Carlos, Isaac, and Yamilet. They were super in helping us unload and load our stuff. Larry and Penny Craft also helped us out tremendously when it was time to leave, and Matt and Rhonda Long, too! Thank you to all of you guys for helping us out and making our day great! Spending time with all of you was definitely the BEST part of the day to me, and made it a successful day in my eyes.