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The 2nd Annual HANDMAID Merry Christmas Sale

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A little over a year ago, my friend, Calley, and I started a business called The HANDMAID Workshop. Originally, we were just planning on making some body products, and maybe some jewelry. We had our first Christmas sale last year at her house, and did really well. From there, we really could tell what items would be hot sellers around our area, and that’s where our focus has been this past year. I turned all of my attention to making hand-stamped jewelry. Not only does it make wonderful, personalized gifts, but it is SO MUCH FUN to make! I LOVE hearing the stories behind custom pieces people order, and truly appreciate the opportunity to make something special for people.

Together, Calley and I both make body products. We started small last year with just sugar scrubs, a few body butters, and lip balm. Since then, we have been able to expand the scents and flavors that we offer, as well as add in handmade soap and candles! It was really cool for us to see our spread of candles and body products set up for the sale this year. It’s also really cool to look back at how much our labelling has evolved. I do the design work for our labels, and let’s just say that it “worked” when I first started making labels for us. I have learned a LOT over the last year!


This year, I decided to add in a little more than just hand stamped jewelry to my items. I worked on some wire-wrapped rings as well as hoop earrings. My wonderful hubby made me some really neat cedar displays to showcase my jewelry on this year. I don’t mind the “formal” looking black jewelry stands, but I really prefer the “handmade rustic” look that the cedar displays give. It was the perfect balance to my bracelet displays.

I ran across this cool idea on Pinterest for a ring display using dry beans or rice to hold your rings, and allow them to stand up. I was wanting Lance to make me something to put the beans in, but then I remembered this really cool world chest that one of my friends gave me years ago and knew it would be the perfect addition to my display! The only problem was that it was SUPER deep so I went on a hunt to figure out how to make it shallow. The answer? A can of green beans, a can of corn, and a piece of luan! I put the canned goods in the chest, set the board on top of them [it was a snug fit] and then poured my dry beans in! I got SO many comments on the ring display, and let me tell you, it was a hit with kids and adults alike to just play in the beans!

I was extremely late getting there yesterday so some really amazing people set all of my stuff up for me. When I walked in, all of my stuff was laid out and looked wonderful. I’m so appreciative of them helping me out! I had a few things I needed to tweak, but I couldn’t have been more pleased with the awesome job they did setting everything up. There was a LOT of things to set up and they nailed it! [I haven’t really noticed just how big my belly has gotten until I saw this picture that was snapped of me. Only 8 more weeks to go!]

We sold a TON, but we also had a lot of things left so per requests from some people, we’ve created an album on our Facebook page for people to “shop our sale online”. We’ll be adding items throughout the next few days! You can find the album of available items here; be sure to LIKE our facebook page, too!