All You Wanted

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It amazes me just how fleshly my intentions can be and how often I find myself caught up in a web of selfish thinking. I know I’m not alone; actually, it’s everywhere.The first thing that comes to mind is divorce. … Read More

It Has To Be Perfect

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Well, here I am: 30 weeks pregnant, 10 more weeks to go. It seems like I’ve gotten everything done to prepare for the baby that I possibly can, although there’s still a lot that needs to be done. Thankfully, my … Read More

The Pursuit Of Knowledge

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Ever notice how often your knowledge of something, someone, completely changes how you feel? I mean, of course right? The more I know about you, your character, the more my perception of you will be changed and shaped. To better … Read More

Good Intentions Aren’t Always Enough

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Today is day three of confirmed pregnancy and already we have had comments and questions that I wasn’t quite prepared for this early on. And no, just to ease the thought you’ll have at the end, “it’s not just the … Read More

Forgiven AND Loved

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So here’s something that’s very close to my heart. It literally has shaped the way I live my life. It’s freedom. Not just freedom in America, but freedom in God. Now hold on before you get all “amen-y” on me … Read More

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