Hello there, friend! I’m Denae and I’m the face behind DH Designs! DH Designs began in 2013 as a fundraiser to help pay for a mission trip to Peru that my husband and I were going on. That trip opened my eyes and left a lasting impression on me to the great need of others living outside the US. I came home with a fire burning in me to help see things change in this world. DH Designs now partners with other organizations around the globe that are seeking to make change a reality – fighting human trafficking & slavery, providing clean & consumable water, taking care of orphans & widows, planting churches, and so much more!


Each piece of jewelry I create is hand-crafted using the finest quality materials. $5 from every piece of jewelry sold goes towards making a lasting change in this world through one of the various organizations I partner with. Thank you for partnering with DH Designs to help make a difference in this world!

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. –Helen Keller